Food Tent

March 2, 2011

You’re walking around your local farmers market, fair, or maybe a corporate event and you see a food tent or food service tents serving every bodies favorite foods.

Most food tents are equipped differently with mesh side walls, or canopy side walls or both, and if you find the right manufacturer you may be able to customize the canopy tops or the outside of the sidewalls. Most of these food tents are FDA approved to serve foods and have adequate ventilation if necessary.

Food tents usually come equipped with a pass-through window where money, food and goods can be transferred through. It’s important that when cooking in a food tent you purchase, or rent a food tent with proper ventilation and that’s FDA approved. You don’t want the food police coming in and raining on your parade and taking away any license that your worked hard to get.

Also, if you can swing it financially, food tents with graphics are a great way to get your name out there as well; if you’re a local restaurant or farm that’s showcasing some of your artisan delights and tasty morsels at your local farmer’s market make sure that you maximize the sidewalls and canopy top with your logo, phone number and any other relevant information to maximize your visibility. Of course, the food is always best way to get customers coming back, but you can always attract the right kind of people to your food tent using tasteful marketing on your canopy walls.